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School Site Council

School Site Council - SSC

The School Site Council is composed of parents, students and staff who play a vital role in the governance of Ralston Middle School. The council carries out many important duties and responsibilities assigned to it in the Education Code of the State of California. Although the number of Site Council members is limited by the mandated composition guidelines, any parent not formally elected will be encouraged to continue attending meetings as interested school community members.                                              

The Ralston School Site Council meetings are open to all of Ralston’s parents and community members. Any member of the community or public may address the Council during the meetings on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Council. Your interest and participation are welcomed.



Location: at Ralston School Library

SSC Updates


  • All interested parents are encouraged to attend our meetings.  The voting rights are really not consequential.


  • Please send any requests for additional agenda items to Patti.

SSC Representatives

In an effort to become more participatory and transparent, the Site Council adopted new Bylaws and will publicize the agendas for their monthly meetings 72 hrs in advance of those meetings which are tentatively scheduled for the second Wednesday of the month.  The secretary for Ralston's Site Council will make available to the principal notes from the meeting so that the principal can distributed the notes in the weekly newsletter. We nominated the following to serve as SSC representatives:


SSC Website  


Principal Michael Dougherty  
Classroom Teacher Alan Bean  
Classroom Teacher Lindsey Moynihan  
Classroom Teacher Christy Lange  
Classroom Teacher (alternate)     Open  
Parent/Community Member    

Non-voting Members:

In order to facilitate effective decision making, the following people are invited as non-voting members:

  • Vice Principal
  • Dean of Students
  • PTA representative
  • Alternate members as noted previously
  • President of Student Government
  • Secretary of Student Government

Student representative should be involved in SSC discussions where appropriate.



Common Core Standards:


Here’s two sites about Math and MARS. The Silicon Valley Math Initiative requires you to be a member to see the MARS tasks but has good background information on CCSS for math in PowerPoint Presentations – see under Articles:

The other site has what are known at Problems of the Month that resemble MARS assessments and helps prepares students for MARS – look under teacher resources:


Curriculum News:
Problems of the Month for every math course. Problems of the Month are designed to promote students' problem solving abilities with a difficult multistep math problem. Students will be using the strategies that the new Common Core State Standards embody: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication.

For examples and a more in depth explaination of Problems of the Month, check out this website:


How California's Schools Get Their Money, What is Revenue Limits/Basic Aid, and LCFF?