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  • Jessica Ross
  • Sheriff Jessica Ross the Boss of Our Sanctuary of Learning

Sheriff Jessica Ross the Boss of Our Sanctuary of Learning

Three Before Me

Have a question?  Not sure what to do?

1. Look Around

2. Review notes, instructions, or SchoolLoop

3. Ask a partner, a classmate, or class buddy

3 Before Me
Still not clear?  Then ask your teacher!


My favorite online dictionary:  Longman


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About this teacher...

Who is this person?!

undefined JAR Outsiders Day Spring 2016
Ms. Ross has a lot of Ralston Rams spirit!

Ms. Ross when she taught 7th grade dressed up as a greaser for Outsiders Day 4/1/2016


Hello! I am an English Language Arts and Study Skills teacher whom you have entrusted to instruct you or your child for 8th grade!

Moving on, you may be wondering about my long nickname.  In addition to my given name, students have added "Sheriff," "Ross the Boss," and many others over the years (class of 2019, I think your nickname may take up all the space on this page).

Also, Sanctuary of Learning is the name of our classroom, as I am committed to providing a safe, warm, and encouraging environment in order to ensure a rigorous and enriching learning experiences where students feel comfortable and supported in taking academic risks.  Furthermore, I work to promote a positive culture school culture.

This marks my eighth year working in the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District.  I have also taught at middle and high schools around the Bay Area as well as in China.  I earned my Administrative Services Credential from the San Mateo County Office of Education.  Prior, I earned a Master's and Teaching Credential from UC Berkeley (Go Bears!) and my Bachelor's in Chinese and East Asian History from UC San Diego (Go Tritons!).  Additionally, I studied Mandarin and Chinese culture at Peking University, Beijing Normal University, and the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

Although I hail from a family of educators, teaching is actually my second career.  Prior to entering this field, I worked in nonprofit international development at Project Concern International (PCI), an organization still near and dear to my heart.  The values I had working in nonprofit are the same I bring to education - building bridges, connecting communities, and growing global citizens.  I believe that communication is the key to a more peaceful world and therefore promote developing our powers of communication!

Outside of my professional role, I love to spend time with my boyfriend, travel, practice martial arts (I have studied Tae Kwon Do, kickboxing, boxing, and Muay Thai), watch - and sometimes perform in - theatre productions, eat, cook, sing, dance, play with my cats, volunteer, and enjoy life!

Contact Information

I value communication and building partnerships with scholars and families in order to maintain a positive learning environment and ensure that scholars’ needs are met.  If a student needs help or has questions, s/he must be a self-advocate and communicate with Ms. Ross directly.  While I accept phone calls, the best way to reach me or schedule an appointment is through email.  I will also be in touch regularly regarding scholars’ progress.  Please note that it may take me up to 48 hours to respond.


Phone:  (650) 637-4880 ext 1695

How much should I help my child with their homework?

Often, parents/guardians wonder to what extent they should take an active role in helping their child with school work at home.  I am a firm believer that one-on-one support can be extraordinarily beneficial for any child.  Not only that, but writing is an interactive process – both with people and text; we learn from the feedback and insights others provide us about our work.  Therefore, I encourage parents/guardians to review their children's work with them.  (Of course, this is different from doing the work for them!)  Students at this age often do not want to share their writing with their parents/guardians, though it is something I recommend both for learning purposes and to maintain a positive working relationship between family members during a time when such relationships can erode (ah, teenage years!).  Keep in mind that there will be in-class assignments to assess students' work.  This will allow me to measure their work as independent thinkers as well as their growth over time with our team of supports.

Go Team RAMS!

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