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Belmont Public Library

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Ralston Library Hours of Operation 2018-2019








 Staff Lunch/Closed




8:15: AM

 3:15 PM





8:30: AM

 3:00 PM





8:30: AM

 2:00 PM





8:30: AM

 3:00 PM





8:15: AM

 3:15 PM





Mrs. King Phone (650) 637-4880


Ralston Awarded California Distinguished School Award






                                                                          Ralston Middle School

                                                       California Distinguished School Award


Ralston School Library Guidelines

The Ralston Library Guidelines for 2018-2019: 

  • Students will maintain an atmosphere that allows other users to focus and study by keeping conversations at a level and length that will not disturb others.
  • Students are expected to be respectful and considerate of others at all times.
  • Four library books at a time is the number of books students may check out for three weeks.
  • Library books are to be returned at the book drop or to the library desk.
  • Students will pay the book replacement cost for lost or damaged books.
  • Replacement cost of a hardback book is $25.50 and for a paperback book is $17.00.  Write checks to BRSSD.
  • Computers are to be used for browsing the catalog and researching school projects.  
  • Use the “quiet room” behavior for individual silent study, unless permission is granted by library staff.
  • Cell phones should be turned off according to school policy.

Parents can help their children to return their books by reminding them at the end of each semester when the grades come home.


Thank you,

Mrs. King

650-637-4880 ext. 1657

Ralston Rams Love the Library!

Ralston Rams love the library and it shows! An average of 500 books monthly are checked out by our students from the school library. Your children, my students love books! They love the color, the feel and the pursuit of information they gain from reading books. This is because our Ralston parents instilled the love of reading at a very young age by reading bedtime stories. Job well done!

                                                                 jump joy.jpg

Digital Resources/Please enter your library ID

Connect to the PLS Library Links for Education site here.

PLS Library LinksLibrarians/Experts/ Teachers/Educators from the San Mateo County Office of Education and the  Peninsula Library System have chosen each database with the California State Standards in mind  to offer our students information that is updated  with newspaper articles from the New York Times and reference articles


1. Use Your Sam Mateo County Library Card

2. Data Bases Available:

          Kid’s Infobits



          Opposing Viewpoints 

          Science in Context

          U.S. History in Context 

          World History in Context

3. Email items

4. Citation Help


School Library Catalog


The Library is for Learning. What interests do you have?

Online Catalog

Ralston Library Schedule 2018-2019

Look for the date of the first Monday of the week that your planned visit will be and follow the time slots to schedule your library visit.

Lost Book Guidelines

This is a courtesy reminder that you have a book checked out from the Ralston Library.  If you LOST the book,the replacement for a hardback book is $25.50 and a paperback book is $17.00.  Not just any copy will do for the library, it needs to be library bound and that is why the cost is higher than at a warehouse store.

Please write check out to BRSSD and in MEMO print library. Cash is also acceptable. Please bring to front desk in the office.

Questions, please contact Mrs. King Thank You!



Ralston Middle School
2675 Ralston Ave.

Belmont, CA, 94002 USA

Telephone: (650)-637-4880

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