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PE Uniform Sales

Ralston P.E. Uniforms 




Each Ralston student is responsible for obtaining appropriate gym clothing that meets the Ralston Middle School Uniform Standards.


Ralston Middle School Uniform Standards:

1. Black shorts or black sweatpants (no yoga pants) AND

2. A black shirt that is separate from the clothes worn to school


For your convenience, you can purchase uniforms by clicking here: PURCHASE PE UNIFORM


It is your student's responsibility to bring a copy of the receipt to PE class to receive their uniform.



Our goal is to positively educate students into developing their whole being: mentally, physically, and socially. Students are taught to respect one another, work as a team, and always give whole-hearted effort. Learning is ideal when students are given clear expectations and provided with the opportunity of discovery and new experiences.

Objectives - we are extremely proud of the Ralston P.E program and our students that are a part of it. The curriculum and instructional methods are based in part on striving for the following objectives:

1. To increase knowledge and skill in sports, games, and leisure activities that can be carried on for a lifetime.

2. To understand the principles of movement and be able to apply that understanding to new movements.

3. To develop physical fitness: strength and endurance.

4. To develop social skills that encourage team work, sportsmanship, and positive interpersonal relationships.

5. To develop general body management skills such as balance, coordination, agility, and flexibility.

6. To strive to meet the California State Standards for fitness in the following areas: Cardiovascular, upper body - strength, and flexibility.

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