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Contact Mary Natoli  Mary Natoli (650) 637-4880 ex: 1614 ELA 6
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Mary Natoli

Mrs. Natoli, 6th Grade AS Composition and Literature Teacher & 7th & 8th Grade Debate Teacher

Hi, I'm Mrs. Natoli! I earned my B.A. at Pomona College, a private Liberal Arts College in Claremont, California. I earned my Teacher's Credential at College of Notre Dame in Belmont, California while raising two beautiful children. I love to walk, hike, jog, bike, play basketball, and read. I also and most especially love to teach!


I can be reached via email most effectively. You can find the curriculum for all my classes if you click on the "Back-to-School" link in my Locker on the left side of this page. Please jot me a note if you have any questions!




The Jungle Book


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Animation

The Hobbit Animation

The Raven Animation