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Erica (Ryca) Rein Locker

Erica (Ryca) Rein

Summer Clouds, by Mrs. Rein

Mrs. Rein in 2018

Welcome to Room 13!  Please CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SYLLABUS WITH DUE DATES AND ALL HOMEWORK FOR ALL MY CLASSES (to be updated as soon as possible!)


This is my 11th year at Ralston, and my 15th year of teaching overall.  


I am excited to be teaching two sections of English 8 this year (including one section which I Co-Teach with Ms. Sorensen).


I am also excited to be teaching one section of Directed Studies.


And this year I'm back to teaching one section each of Literature 6 and Composition 6!


You will probably hear my talk about my dog, Spike, and about my toddler.


I look forward to an excellent year with all of you! 


I can be reached through School Loop, or by email at - I will attempt to reply to all emails as quickly as possible, but please be patient with me!


In a pinch, you can call me at (650) 637-4880, ext. 1613, but I STRONGLY prefer email.  Thank you!