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Computer Science through storytelling



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Storytech is a San Mateo County Kent Award-winning program and a California Microsoft Innovative Educator award-winning program supported by the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District, School Board, PTA, and School Force.  In the program, students learn computer science while leveraging the art of storytelling.


Program History:  Storytech has evolved from 1 elective class with 3 class computers to a full program of 6 course offerings and a full computer lab. Initially serving 32 students per year, Storytech now serves over 320 students annually in grades 6 through 8.

How does Storytech align with high school?

After Storytech in middle school, students are encouraged to pursue further experiences in computer science in high school.  Below is the Computer Science Progression from elementary schools to Ralston Middle School and then to Carlmont High School.  While students may attend various schools, the links below provide an example of various platforms to explore.









Coding opportunities

Intro to Storytech


Storytech Semester

Storytech Yearlong

Intro CS: Mobile Apps Development

CS Structure: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

(Prerequisite:  Algebra 1)



AP Computer Science A: Java

(Prerequisite:  Algebra 2 and CS Structure, or B or higher in an honors math course)


Ralston's Storytech Platforms                          Carlmont High School's Platforms

(1)  Scratch                                                               (1)  Carlmont's Computer Science Course Offerings

(2)  Kodu                                                                   (2)  Intro to CS: Mobile Apps Development = App Inventor

(3)  Alice                                                                    (3)  Structure & Interpretation of Comp Prgms = Snap & Python

(4)  Code Combat                                                    (4)  AP Computer Science A (JAVA) = AP Info, AP prep Info

(5)                                                            (5)  Comp Arch & Asmbly Lang = CMIPS Assembly

(6)  Java, Python

What do students create in Storytech?

(1)  STEAM Collaboration Projects:  In collaboration with animation and literature students who create drawings and animations, Storytech students may design and program video games for every one to play and enjoy on interactive websites.

2019:  The Silk Road Website

2018:  The Little Prince Website

(2)  STEAM Individual or Pair Projects:  A Game for Change Project

Storytech students may design and program a "Game for Change" to help raise environmental awareness about an issue facing the ocean.  Go to "National Geographic - Protecting the Ocean" to select a topic for your game.

  • Coral Crunch:  Click here to play.  Tip:  Patiently hide as the sun rays shine into the sea.

  • The Great Pacific Garbage Patch - Family:  Click here to play.  Tip:  Let the fish follow your mouse pointer.

  • Cryo-Crisis:  Click here to play.  Tip:  Press "right" and "up" arrow keys at the same time to climb the walls.

  • Sea Sick (hand-drawn, game under development):  Click here to play. Tip:  Look closely for the hidden objects.

  • Ocean Animal:  Click here to play.  Tip:  To select a different animal, click the "green flag" to restart.