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Lynn McVey Locker

Lynn McVey

Lynn McVey Locker

As a veteran teacher, mentor, and coach in San Mateo County, I am thrilled to be an integral member of the RMS staff and community. My philosophy is to ensure a safe, happy, comfortable classroom, so our students can learn, achieve and advance. Looking forward to the 2019-2020 school year. Happy new year to all!

Best Wishes,

Ms. McVey

Contact info:

650-637-4880, ext.1620

English & English Language Development Educator
ELD/ELA Educator
Bring a pair of earbuds to school; keep them in your backpack.
ROOM 20 BOOK BINGO BEGINS Monday, September 16

I'll post on the School Loop calendar which parent (parent's initials) is coming in on which day. 

Book Bingo Training Wednesday, Sept.4 in Room 20

If you would like to volunteer in your child's 6th-Grade Literature & Composition Class, 1-2x a month, please come to our Book Bingo Training in Room 20 from 12:35-1:00 P.M. Our volunteers will interview students on their Independent Reading books. If the child passes the interview, then he/she will receive a sticker for their Book Bingo Chart. 5-in-a-row wins a prize!  Book Bingo is not possible without parent volunteers, so thank you for considering being a part of our literature program. :) Ms McVey

Room 20 Unity!
Room 20 Unity!
Book Bingo a Success!

Black-Outs awarded to:

Jae Lee

Jaeden Pietrofeso

Katelyn Ridgway

Jacob Rybkin

Aaron Shelton

Isaac Strehlow

Parent Volunteers that made Book Bingo possible this year:

Diana Berger, Andrea Gerola, Joanne Kelly, Jennifer Merrill,Valerie Messina, Jasprien Noordermeir, Jan Okiyama, Kristi Ridgway, Kevin Sinarle Anne Strehlow, Marian Wong





Room 20 Unity is looking for some tissues for our classroom during the cold season. Thank you for donating!
RMS Spelling Bee Winners in Room 20 Unity!

6th Grade:

2/3* #1 Malaya Austin

       #2 Noah Fradkin

5/6* #1 Isabelle Anderson

        #2 Serena Teng

7th Grade:

         #1 Maya Avalos

         #2 Manny Koch

8th Grade:

         #1 Edison Cheng

         #2 Anthony Hanhan

         Class representative

         Alex Mascari-Dumont

ELD Fall 2018, Celebrating Diversity!
ELD Fall 2018

Store them in your backpack, until you need them in class. 

Thank you~ Ms McVey

Room 20 Unity Epic Poetry Recital response...

Dear Ms. McVey's Class,

Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to hear you read your Epic Poems.  I am sorry that I was not able to hear all of your poems

because I was so impressed with those that I heard.

Clearly you had worked very hard to describe your families, your journeys and yourselves.  Your writing was heartfelt and engaging and I felt

very grateful to have had a window into the extraordinary people that you are.

Thank you, again, for sharing your Epic Poems.

Ms. Speyer-Boilard

Alameda County Office of Education

ELD, Decmember 2017
ELD, Decmember 2017
"We are beautiful, in every single way...."
water dog lake
Our hike to Water Dog Lake to see local flora and fauna...
ELL 1/24/17
ELL 1/24/17
Last day of 1st Quarter Celebration!
Last day of 1st Quarter Celebration!
Ramtastic Ram by Sara Stone
Ramtastic Ram by Sara Stone