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Kathy Tofigh

About Mrs. Tofigh

Hi, my name is Kathy Tofigh and I am ecstatic to be teaching 7th grade English Language Arts at Ralston Middle School.  I received my Teaching Credential from Notre Dame de Namur University here in Belmont, California, and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Government from Lehigh University.  I also have a Juris Doctor from Southern Methodist University.  


Middle school reading, language, and writing skills provide a foundation for practically any future endeavor that my students may pursue in life.  It is my passion and goal to help middle schoolers develop these skills and navigate this important time of their lives, while inspiring a growth mindset where students feel safe to take risks and challenge themselves in a safe, but equally demanding learning environment.  


I have core belief that education and learning is a worthy lifetime endeavor.  My own decision to go back to school later in life to become a teacher models that belief.   Learning keeps our minds active and engaged in the world around us.  All students bring a tremendous amount of valuable experiences, thoughts, and perspective to the classroom; life is an incredible journey.  We should all strive to become good citizens and thoughtful members of society and there are countless opportunities for growth in our world. 


I'm looking forward to a great year with your children in my classroom.

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